Small Chain

In order to manage a small chain of shops, the need for a proper EPOS that has inbuilt features to manage such a complex environment is a must. Retail Pro is rich in functionality and can handle the complex operations that happen when having a number retail shops all connected to each other.

Retail Pro is geared towards forward thinking retailers who want a robust retail system that is scalable which can meet their current and future needs as a retailer.


RMS provides a extensive list of IT services that can handle various areas when it comes to IT. Our experienced retail consultants and technicians provide a bespoke service depending on the client's needs and budget considerations. RMS is a one-stop retail IT supplier with the aim have our clients to focus on their core business and leave the rest to us.

Our specialised Retail IT services include :

  • Implementations
  • Customisations
  • Integrations
  • Support
  • Training

Retail Management Solutions is a young and dynamic company, having experience in dealing with complex IT environments needed to manage a retail business. Our solutions range from a singe store operation to cater for international organisations.

Depending on your business size with Retail Pro we can assist you to take your business to the next level.

Single Store

If you are a single store then it is likely that you fit into one of these two categories:

  • You are opening a new store from scratch
  • You have an existing store and either do not have an EPOS system or have an inadequate EPOS system that does not match your expectations and ambitions.

Opening a new store from scratch

Opening your first store can be something of a daunting experience. Dealing with suppliers, shop fitters, telecoms, computers, EPOS systems, staffing, marketing, display units, stock and many other. The list would be endless and of course expenses grow with every new thing that crops up.  RMS can handle many of these processes, with a certainty that we can assist you with a leading EPOS system, technical and IT support, email and website building.

Having an existing store

If your store is already setup and running, then perhaps you already have an existing EPOS system but it is not helping you to push your business forward, this may be either your business needs have changed or due to old technology. RMS can provide you with a leading EPOS system that provided real 'ROI' that cheap systems simply cannot match.